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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Rates and Fees


We take reservations for future rentals as far in advance as you’d like to plan with no down deposit to hold the items.

Rental Rates

Standard rental rates are for time out and not time utilized.

Standard rental periods are as follows:

Hourly – Certain items may be available for 2 hour or 4 hour rentals.
Overnight – Items that are available for a 4 hour rental may be rented on weekdays 1 hour prior to close of business and returned the following morning by 8am for the 4 hour rate.
Daily – 24 hour period. Due back by the start time of the rental on the prior day.
Weekly – 7 Consecutive days.
Monthly – 28 Consecutive days.

Rates may vary by equipment. Certain equipment may contain hour meters, and in these cases the use of the equipment is limited as follows in addition to time possession.

Daily – 8 hours use
Weekly – 40 hours use
Monthly – 160 hours use

Use in excess of these amounts over these time frames will result in overtime charges applying.

Weekend Rentals

For rentals starting Friday or Saturday that are utilized over the weekend and returned Monday morning that are special discounted rates.

Rentals starting Friday between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm will only be charged 2 daily rates.

Rentals starting Friday between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm as well as Saturday morning prior to 11:00 am will only be charge a day and a half rate.

Rentals starting Saturday between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm will only be charged a daily rate.

All weekend rentals are due back by 8:00 am on Monday morning.

Fuel Charges

Gas engines - For our gas powered equipment you do NOT need to refill the tank. We utilize non-ethanol fuel in our machinery to better maintain our equipment between rentals. There will be a pre-charge for the initial tank of fuel. If you run out of gas and need more to finish your job you may fill with straight gas.

Diesel engines - Diesel machinery will come with a full tank of fuel. You are responsible for the fuel used during your rental. You can top the machine’s fuel off before return or we can fill it for you at a slightly higher price than the pump.


Equipment and tools rented may be transported in the contracted clients vehicle or trailer at no additional charge.

If you would like to rent a trailer from Rent-E-Quip to haul another item you have rented from us you may do so at a 20% discount.

We also offer a mileage based delivery fee. This charge starts at $100 within the first 10 miles.

Equipment Protection Plan

The Equipment Protection Plan is not insurance. This optional charge will be included in your rental unless you specifically decline the EPP when the contract is written. The Equipment Protection Plan protects you against certain accidental damage to the rental equipment while it is in your possession. For a copy of exclusions please view or contract here, or ask our counter personnel.

Sales Tax

The state of Virginia collects sales tax on everything we sell except direct labor charges.

General Policies and Information

Do you have rain days or weather protection?

Rent-E-Quip protects you from inclement weather on rentals for periods 1 week or longer.

If you encounter inclement weather during your rental of outdoor equipment, we will extend your rental by 1 day per week of rental at no additional charge.

This program allots 1 additional day per week of rental on outdoor equipment and up to 4 days per 4 week billing cycle. “Unused” additional days in any 4 week cycle do not carry forward.

Standard hour meter limits still apply based on the rental period. This program extends the rental period and does not offer a credit against rental fees.

Who do you rent to?

We rent to any individuals over the age of 18 with a valid Virginia Driver's License or business’ with a federal tax ID number.

Is there a security deposit?

There is no deposits on any credit card transactions.

If you would like to pay cash or pay with a check you would be subject to a security deposit, and if applicable, a fuel deposit.

What happens if I am late returning a rental?

If a client returns an item after the initial due-back time has passed the client will be responsible for paying the extra time they possessed the machinery. If our equipment is not returned in a reasonable amount of time with no contact from the client we will assume the equipment stolen and take the required legal actions.

What if I have a problem with the equipment?

If your machinery experiences a problem during business hours please call us at 804-520-7100

If your machinery experiences a problem after business has closed please contact our emergency lines at 804-720-2757, or 804-720-4162.

Do you have additional Rent-E-Quip locations?

We do not have any other Rent-E-Quip locations operated by us. Rent-E-Quip South Hill is operated independently but owned by a member the same family